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Resurfacing Concrete Driveways: Step-by-step Guide

Toughness is the number one element to choose concrete as a driveway resurfacing material. Nevertheless, after years of direct exposure to extreme elements and heavy automobile traffic, a concrete driveway is prone to wear and tear. Instead of getting an excavator and ripping it off so that you can construct another one from scratch, it is less expensive and much easier to offer the existing setup a brand-new breath of life. Resurfacing concrete driveways offers maximum protection against future damage and makes these elements look as good as brand-new.
The good news is, you do not have to stress over resurfacing concrete costs. As long as you get a couple of professional resurfacing concrete companies and get written quotes from them, you will have the ability to identify one that will provide you with top-notch services and complement your budget.
Resurfacing concrete driveways is easy. Below is a step by step process that will help you effectively finish this experience:
Tidy the concrete driveway and patch where needed
Before applying a resurfacing product, prepare the surface. This will make sure that the brand-new layer bonds with it. You can start by eliminating oil, grease, and other substances using a pressure washer. if you do not have a pressure washer and you are working on a budget, leasing one will be a more affordable option.
When the driveway is clean, identify cracks and deeply spalled spots. Utilize a quality patching compound to repair them. If there is any stagnant water on the driveway, remove it using a broom. This will help cool off the slab, and prevent water from mixing with the damp resurfacer you will apply.
Don’t continue without thinking about the weather condition
As soon as you have prepared the surface, do not do anything else before you look at the weather. For the resurfacing product to cure, temperatures should be above 50 degrees F for 8 hours and should be above freezing for at least a day. if these are the conditions at the moment, continue to the next step.
Mix the concrete resurfacing product
Based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, you might have to utilize a power drill or hand-mixing technique to mix your concrete resurfacer to a syrup consistency. Despite the technique you pick, you may need a helping hand because honestly, the activity will not be a walk in the park!
Spread the mixed resurfacer and work swiftly
Resurfacing concrete driveways needs fast hands! This is because in about 70 degrees weather condition, most resurfacing products will stay workable for about half an hour. If the weather condition is hotter, it will harden quickly. You can, nevertheless, broaden the window of workability if you put the bag in a shade and use cold water to develop the mix.
If you are working on a vast driveway, it is recommended that you resurface it in sections so that you can not compromise the quality of work.
When the resurfacer is poured in the driveway, utilize a long-handled squeegee to spread it backward and forward across the element. Then, enable the smooth surface to rest for 5 minutes before offering it a nonslip finish using a wide-head concrete broom.
To get a consistent finish, run the concrete broom across the driveway without stopping, and make sure each broom stroke goes to the very same direction.
Don’t utilize the resurfaced driveway right away
When you are done resurfacing your concrete driveway, do not utilize it right away, because you will wind up inflicting a pricy damage. Await 4-6 hours before walking on it, and about 24 hrs before driving on it. The resurfacer cures on its own in moderate weather, but in hot weather, you may have to mist it for about two days.
Resurfacing concrete driveways is easy. You might be able to finish this task if you can follow the above steps and check out manufacturers’ guidelines on all products you utilize. Nevertheless, if you desire a long-lasting solution, it makes more sense to deal with the very best resurfacing concrete companies.
Don’t wait till the day you will need concrete resurfacing services so that you can search for a contractor. The best decision you can make is to have one in your speed dial now, and you will thank yourself later when the need arises.
Suggestion: when looking for resurfacing concrete companies to deal with, exercise your due diligence, but always remember to carry your impulses!

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